Mission Statement

To make world class SaaS/Mobile software.

About Us

Hi, I'm Adam Hammer and the founder of Metalrain studios. In my career I've worked for a lot of white label, branded SaaS style companies. One of the things I found was that a lot of these companies suffered from the same ailment. Operational Complexity.

Many of these companies had a very good business model, but a technical model that was mismatched with the sales domain. In almost every one of these cases, the companies became their own worst enemy, unable to compete in the face of overwhelming debt.

So over the course of 4+ years I created MySaasa, something of a meta SaaS. Think of it as a foundational blueprint for a SaaS catered to a specific demographic. It provides all the basic functionality all organizations need. Users, Content, Templating, APIs, Websites, Blogs, and a single page admin. It includes components for Web and Android clients and all the required server stuff.

Now that it's been built, and tested, it's ready to go live and start solving peoples problems. To rapidly generate a new generation of advanced web and mobile solutions.